Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip

Fred Olsen VIP cruise: ‘Guests are travellers, not tourists’

In Reykjavík, travel agents have experienced a fundamental Olsen Way principle – that Fred Olsen guests are travellers, more than tourists.

With almost a full day to explore the wonders of Reykjavík and the surrounding areas, agents on the VIP fam have today seen how Fred Olsen provides meaningful excursions that bring every destination to life.

These carefully curated tours take guests deeper, into the heart of local life.

Newmarket Holidays’ Stephanie Blackmun, who took part in the Geothermal Landscapes of Iceland tour, says: “It was so lovely to go ashore with a small number of guests and like-minded people.

“We learnt about geothermal energy and how hot water and electricity are produced.

“It was also great to see the hot springs and learn how the people of Iceland used these to cook rye bread and eggs. However, the best thing for me was walking through the Lava Tunnel; it’s something I will never forget.”

Appleby Travel’s Alice Hook, who was also on the same excursion, agrees, explaining: “The geothermal station was fascinating and the Lava Tunnel was a huge highlight.

“The colour of the lava on the ceiling was so bright orange it could have still been flowing, and the tour guide told a wonderful story about this.”

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip
The Gullfoss waterfall, as seen on the VIP trip

Other agents joined the Golden Circle and Hidden Gems tour. Linda Thomson, from Connoisseur Travel Services, adds: “As this is my first time in Iceland, I was looking forward to seeing what makes the country famous – I wasn’t disappointed.

“The geysir was an amazing feat of nature and the power of the Gullfoss waterfall was simply incredible.”

According to Kevin Reeves from Cruise 118: “The Fred Olsen experience is different to other cruise lines because it provides local, hand-crafted excursions.

“For example, guests don’t just go for ice cream, rather they see how it is made and speak to the people who make it.”

Fred Holidays marketing and creative design executive Brogan Doyle praises the knowledgeable tour guides and says: “We got to see Iceland as a traveller, rather than a tourist.

“There were special touches, such as visiting a family-run tomato farm with a tasting and story of the business.”

Lisette Barnes, from Lincolnshire Coop Travel, speaks of her delight at seeing the natural wonders of the country and focuses on the “attention to detail” throughout the Golden Circle excursion – “it was brilliant from start to finish”, she says.

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