Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip

Fred Olsen VIP fam trip: ‘Maritime is in the line’s DNA’

Akureyri plays hosts to travel agents on yet another fun-filled and adventurous day on the Fred Olsen VIP cruise in Iceland.

Sailing from Ísafjörður, Fred Olsen’s Borealis and its guests have spent the day in the city of Akureyri, located in the northern part of the land of fire and ice.

Due to some inclement weather, an arranged RIB tour that had been planned to give guests the chance to see the local wildlife had to be called off.

Nonetheless, the quick-thinking and helpful Fred Olsen team soon calmed any worried souls by organising an alternative excursion to spot whales, demonstrating that even when things don’t go to plan, the line has the ideal solution.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip
Whale watching in Akureyri

Kevin Reeves from Cruise 118 says: “Maritime is truly in Fred Olsen’s DNA, and the cruise line proved that this morning.

“Our pre-booked RIB tour had to be cancelled because of bad weather. However, before we knew it, the team on board had booked us on to a larger boat to enable us to go out and see the whales.”

Newmarket Holidays’ Stephanie Blackmun adds: “What a great day out watching wildlife in their natural habitats.

“We were lucky to see a humpback whale and puffins – all the things you hope to see when in Iceland. It was magical and something I’ll never forget.”

Alan Witt, from Not Just Travel, was particularly looking forward to the day in Akureyri and says it “did not disappoint”.

“We saw humpback whales appear and dive back down numerous times,” he adds. “It was a wonderful excursion with great commentary throughout. The lovely, warm clothes provided also made this must-do trip extra special.”

Linda Thomson, from Connoisseur Travel Services, explains: “From our boat we saw whales and several types of seabird. Boy was it cold, but it was a memorable excursion.”

Fred Olsen Travel assistant manager Tom Holland says he is thankful to Fred Olsen for helping him to tick off a bucket-list moment.

“As with all wildlife, you are never guaranteed to see anything, but our tour guide was determined to make it happen and we kept sailing until we finally saw what we had come to see.

“The excursion included the use of thermal suits and blankets, which proved they care about our welfare.”

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