During a world cruise, clients are welcomed on board to fulfil their dreams, visiting far-flung destinations across the world

Want to sell a world cruise? Here’s what you need to know

Oceania Cruises UK & Ireland senior director of sales Priti Mehta talks through the key aspects of selling an epic world cruise.

Booking a world cruise is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, no matter how seasoned a traveller a client is.

During a world cruise, clients are welcomed on board to fulfil their dreams, visiting far-flung destinations across the world, as the ship circumnavigates the globe on the voyage of a lifetime.

Oceania Cruises UK & Ireland sales boss Priti Mehta.

Every itinerary is carefully crafted to visit a range of destinations, from bustling iconic cities to hidden gems and remote shores waiting to be explored.

When guests aren’t spending time ashore, the discovery continues on board, where they can sample luxury facilities and home comforts throughout their journey. Every day on a world cruise is a new adventure.

Creating friendships on a world cruise

A key aspect for many guests is that feeling of being part of a family who are on a journey together. With such a long period of time spent at sea, these itineraries offer the perfect chance for guests to form new friendships and communities with fellow, like-minded travellers, which makes the voyage even more special.

Agents play an important role in encouraging new-to-cruise clients to take that leap and make a booking, as they can discuss the experience with clients and iron out any concerns over embarking on a world cruise, such as packing for different climates or issues over social distancing on board. It is therefore essential that agents are aware of the latest measures and the benefits of the different ships and itineraries, ensuring the booking is tailored to the client.

At Oceania, there are four mini-world voyages in 2022 and 2023, including a 77-day voyage from Los Angeles to Sydney, taking in Alaska, the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia and much more – good for beginners who want a taste but perhaps are not yet able to take the time to complete a full voyage.

The cruise industry is seeing exceptional demand for people seeking luxury, once-in-a-lifetime world cruises or extended voyages in a post-pandemic world, with people eager to make up for lost time.

With greater disposable income due to saving over lockdown, cruisers are willing to spend more, and travel agents can make the most of this.

This demand was shown when Oceania Cruises’ 2023 Around the World Voyage sold out in a single day after opening for public sale in January. For the first-time ever, all guests signed up to the full 180-day itinerary. Clients are also keen to travel for longer, so there’s a great opportunity for all agents.

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