View from abroad: round trip from Athens on Celestyal Cruises, chapter 2

And so to Super Paradise Beach Club in Mykonos (pictured above), an alternative kind of excursion, possibly designed for those who object to getting up early on holiday (and who can blame them) as it doesn’t depart until 2.30pm. Interestingly, the club’s logo is a snake with an apple, presumably signifying temptation, and indeed many of the Gen Z patrons look like they’re wearing the kind of skimpy outfits favoured by the cast of Love Island.

I while away the afternoon remembering when I was young enough to find the intricacies and inanities of summer romance as thrilling as this crowd obviously does, while slathering myself in factor 6 sun cream (yes, you read that right: factor 6 not 60; I reckon that if you have to go into double figures when it comes to sun protection you’d be better off staying indoors with a good book, melanoma be damned).

Back on board, I opt to go to the late performance at the Muses Lounge theatre (pictured left), a medley of Abba hits. Having witnessed some cringeworthy nautical entertainment that would be hard-pressed to outshine a sixth-form am-dram society, I’m a little apprehensive, but I find there’s no need to be. The music is catchy, the singers enthusiastic and the choreography is seriously skilful with some amazing acrobatics thrown in for good measure.

With Italian and French under my belt, I’ve always considered myself something of a linguist, but cruise director Danny Buru puts me to shame, introducing the show in no fewer than five different languages, including fluent Greek.

As my companion and I leave the theatre, the waiter calls out “Thank you, have a good evening, girls”. I appreciate his turn of phrase; it makes such a refreshing change from being back on land where an aggressive youth culture means that any woman over 40 is consigned to that dreaded epithet, “madam”.

Here, on board ship, where more mature travellers tend to congregate, I feel relatively youthful even at the tender age of 54. In fact, I’m enjoying myself so much I think I might never want to get off – I wonder if they have any vacancies on the entertainment team…



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