Royal Caribbean has announced the winners of its ‘Escape the Room to New York’ competition.

The incentive, announced in August, ran from 4 September to the 4 October.

The top prize – for 15 agents – is an all-expenses paid, three-night holiday to New York, from 7-10 December.

Every approved booking submitted to Club Rewards provided agents with access to a virtual Escape Room, in which there were a series of challenges. An attempted escape was worth 10 points, while a successful exit from the room earned 100 points.

This week, eight agents battled it out inside a giant snow globe for the final place on the trip to New York.

Each agent was each given 60 seconds inside the globe to collect as many golden tickets as possible. The final winner was Becky Sutton.

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The Royal Caribbean snow globe


Stuart Byron, interim sales director, Royal Caribbean International UK and Ireland, said: “I would like to congratulate all 15 winners on earning a place on this amazing trip to the Big Apple.

“Our Club Rewards members are integral to the business and it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to reward their hard work.”

The 15 winners are:

  • Toni Hill
  • Steven Redpath
  • Kimberly Stevenson
  • Adam Cormell
  • Emma Bunbury
  • Michael Blackburn
  • Leighanne Dunkin
  • Kelly Hawkins
  • Shaun Jones
  • Sebastian Adamczewski
  • Lindsay Alderslade
  • Diane Hylands
  • Michael Kyriaku
  • Kevin Cook
  • Becky Sutton