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With an exciting assortment of diverse cities, the Baltics and Scandinavia feature a rich Viking history alongside stunning natural wonders


Featuring the perfect mix of vibrant towns and impressive landscapes, from the edge of the Arctic Circle to Europe, the Baltics and Scandinavia are sure to please a wide range of guests. The quirky Helsinki provides architectural marvels, while Oslo is for the thrill seekers.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines head of itinerary planning Martin Lister says: "Our heritage stems from Scandinavia, which means we always get really excited when we venture back to this part of the world.

"What is great about Scandinavia is that it offers so many different experiences and opportunities depending on the time of year guests visit

"Scandinavia is a wonderful region that offers so many views and experiences best enjoyed from the water. Here, we don’t sail from A to B, we take the scenic route and celebrate the joy of the journey."

Pre and post cruise ideas

Skagen, Denmark


As Denmark’s most northerly town, Skagen allows guests to truly admire the beautiful seascapes of Scandinavia. Famed for fishing, guests can sample a fresh shrimp salad as well as observe countless rare migrating birds in the springtime. The town, abundant in natural beauty, acts as inspiration for many artists.


A network of canals and extravagant buildings, Gothenburg is an ideal place for guests who want to experience a cosmopolitan city to extend their stay. Guests can take their time to wander around the Botanical Garden, which comes to life in summertime, as well as admire the grand Tjolöholm Castle, with its design inspired by the Tudor era.



This capital city is perfect for families to enjoy pre or post cruise, with a local amusement park, zoo as well as Hietaniemi beach to keep children entertained.

Don't miss this excursion

For Abba fans, be sure not to miss a visit to the Abba Museum in Stockholm. Featuring behind the movie magic, guests can seek out props used in the Mamma Mia set as well as be dazzled by original costumes worn by Abba. The museum also boasts a cinema where visitors can watch the Abba story come to life.

Selling Tips

Sights to see

Emphasise the variety of places that will be visited on a cruise to the Baltics and Scandinavia, from historical sites to adventurous activities to shopping opportunities.

Ease & price

Guests should be made aware of the ease of travelling by cruise, as these typically expensive regions, especially for food and hotels, can be explored under the price of a cruise

Heart of the city

With the majority of the ports being only a short walk from the city centres, ensure that guests are aware of the ease of stepping off the ship to be right in the middle of an exciting new locations

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