Atlantic Islands

The clue is in the name. If it’s island life that clients want, a cruise in the Atlantic will tick all the boxes.


With its mix of culture, scenery and sunshine it’s easy to see why these islands are a cruising hot spot. Madeira’s subtropical gardens are a delight and the volcanic landscape on the Canary Islands provides a dramatic backdrop to shore excursions. You can even get food barbecued over volcanic heat before relaxing on remarkable black sand beaches. City highlights, in every sense, include Lisbon which was built on seven hills.

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Lying 70 miles off the African coast and on the same latitude as Florida, Tenerife enjoys an enviable climate throughout the year and is the ideal place to soak up the sun. El Teide National Park encircles Spain’s highest summit and guests can reach the 1,220m peak in a cable car.


Situated in Galicia on Spain’s northwest coast, Vigo is one of the world’s largest fishing ports, so the town boasts some fantastic seafood restaurants. A 45-minute boat ride takes passengers to the Cies Islands, part of the Atlantic Islands National Park – a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Porto, river cruise


Situated at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, it was from Porto that Prince Henry the Navigator set out in 1415 bound for Africa. Famous port houses also line the attractive waterfront in one of Europe’s oldest cities.

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Victorian grandees were carried around the island of Madeira on hammocks slung between bamboo poles and descended the steep slopes in the hilltop town of Monte in wickerwork toboggans on wooden runners. The latter is now an exhilarating tourist attraction with the sleds expertly steered down the narrow streets to Funchal by men dressed in white and wearing traditional straw hats.

Selling Tips

Walking distance

Most ports are within easy walking distance of town centres, ensuring more time is spent exploring destinations and meeting local people


For those who do not want to fly there is a choice of ex-UK sailings available


With year-round warm climates these destinations are perfect for winter breaks to catch some much-needed sun

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