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Norwegian Prima: ‘Innovative and designed for everyone’

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Cruise Circle managing director Jason Daniels was on board Norwegian Prima for its christening voyage at the end of August. He explains to Cruise Trade News why he thinks the ship will appeal to a wide range of people.

What are you initial thoughts about Norwegian Prima?

It’s a game-changer for a big ship. It’s like they’ve managed to morph together Oceania Cruises’ standard dining, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ luxury feel and Norwegian Cruise Line’s freestyle fun. I was very impressed.

What on-board areas stand out to you?

The whole ship feels new and innovative – every area you visit feels completely different to the last.

The Indulge Food Hall was one of my favourites; the atmosphere, the smell of all the different foods, the fun of ordering at the table using technology, followed up by the smiles of the crew as it was delivered, literally seconds later – brilliant.

I also loved that the theatre completely converts into a nightclub.

Who do you think is the typical, ideal guest for Norwegian Prima?

I don’t think there is a typical guest for this ship, that’s the clever thing the designers have managed to do. They’ve built a ship for everyone.

Will it appeal to UK guests?

I think it will appeal. While UK guests are considered to like more traditional cruising, we’re definitely seeing a shift in mindset to try new things, especially as the average age of a cruiser continues to come down.

This ship is perfect for a multi-generational family group, but I can also see each of the generations enjoying it on their own.

From a selling point of view, what would you focus on when pitching Norwegian Prima?

For me, the fact that it’s so different, the sheer quality of the build, the exceptional standard of the food, the fun stuff (racetrack, slides, and so on). Essentially it’s the whole package.

Is NCL on to a winner with Norwegian Prima and the other Prima-class ships that will follow?

As I said previously, this class of ship is a game-changer. Everyone I spoke to on the ship said the same, so there’s no reason to think that won’t be the same for paying customers.

I genuinely believe they’ve created a class of ship that will appeal to everyone, which to date nobody has managed to do.

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