Norwegian Cruise Line boss: UK-based Prima ship and sustainability plans

Norwegian Cruise Line CEO: UK-based Prima ship and sustainability plans

Norwegian Cruise Line president and CEO Harry Sommer has stated that the line is “committed” to having a Prima-class ship based in Southampton and confirmed that it was looking at ways in which to use alternative fuel sources.

Sommer, who was speaking on board Norwegian Prima in a Q&A session the day after the ship was christened by popstar Katy Perry, said the UK was “a very good market for us”.

He added: “Next summer Norwegian Prima will be based in Southampton. We are committed to having a Prima-based ship in Southampton ongoing.”

Looking to the future of the Prima class, Sommer said that ships three and four will not use liquefied natural gas (LNG), as they “are too far along in development”.

He also said that Norwegian Cruise Line was investigating alternative solutions to LNG, such as hydrogen. “We are actively testing what we can do for ships five and six.

“Ultimately the real solution is finding an environmentally friendly sustainable fuel,” he continued. “We are going to do our best to partner with the other large lines but we are 100 per cent committed to making that happen.”

As for the future Prima-class vessels and their design and on-board areas, he said: “Norwegian Viva will be delivered next August. She’s going to be very similar to this ship [Prima].

“From number three forward there will be changes but we are committed to this premium elegant footprint. The bones will be, essentially, the same.”

As for travel agent partners, he said: “They are the cornerstone to the success of this company. We can’t do it without them.”

Norwegian Prima is also the “best-sold ship in the history of the company”, Sommer explained.

Additional reporting by Deborah Stone.

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