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MSC Cruises highlights sustainability commitment in new campaign

MSC Cruises highlights sustainability commitment in new campaign

MSC Cruises has launched a new global brand campaign to showcase how sustainability “is at the beating heart of its daily activities and long-term growth strategy”.

The Discover the Future of Cruising campaign, which will be visible in more than 30 countries, will include a multi-channel output on TV, print media, digital and social media.

A one-minute TV ad was filmed on board MSC Cruises’ first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ship, MSC World Europa, which came into service late last year.

The line’s second LNG ship, MSC Euribia, will be delivered in June 2023, while the third one, MSC World America, is currently being constructed and will be delivered in 2025.

Shore power technology has also been fitted on all MSC Cruises’ new ships as standard equipment since 2017 and together with retrofits, covered 65 per cent of the fleet total capacity at the end of 2022.

Additional ships will be retrofitted as the ports on their itineraries make shore power available.

Sustainability ‘central’ to MSC Cruises

MSC Group cruise division executive chairman Pierfrancesco Vago said: “Today more than ever, brands like MSC Cruises recognise the vital importance of the environment and a healthy and viable planet.

“Sustainability at MSC Cruises is central to the brand’s DNA and the way we operate as a business.

“We have been investing heavily, for many years, in solutions and technologies that continuously and progressively reduce our environmental footprint.

“The new brand campaign for MSC Cruises is a vital tool to explain to consumers and other stakeholders how our commitment to sustainability is articulated on our ships and across our business and showcases how central it is to everything that we do.”

The line’s vice-president of sustainability Linden Coppell added: “We have already virtually eliminated emissions like sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide from our operations and now we are focused on reducing carbon emissions with LNG.

“This is the first step in our journey that involves transitioning to LNG in the short-term, low carbon in the medium-term, and net-zero carbon fuels, including synthetic and bio LNG and synthetic and bio methanol, in the longer-term.”

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