Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip

Fred Olsen VIP fam: The joy of the journey

Ísafjörður – the second port of call in Iceland – has provided agents the opportunity to take in the joy of the journey.

After departing Reykjavík, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ Borealis has sailed to the town of Ísafjörður in the Westfjords region.

Arriving early, guests woke to dramatic scenery and a peaceful stillness, before setting off for the Secluded Valley Life excursion. The group met Christian, a local farmer, and his family, and enjoyed homemade cake and fresh coffee.

With no other tourists in sight, the local guide, Gunnar, also explained more about the community and how people work together, as one, for the betterment of everyone.

This visit again underlines the smaller is better ethos of Fred Olsen, as well as the travellers, not tourists Olsen Way principle, as seen in Reykjavík yesterday (21 June).

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip
Taking in the local life in Ísafjörður

Stephanie Blackmun, from Newmarket Holidays, says : “I woke up today and what a view I had.

“Having seen a larger cruise ship at tender, it is clear to see that smaller ships are better. It was wonderful to meet a local farming family and see how the community pulls together and takes inspiration from nature.”

Lincolnshire Coop Travel’s Lisette Barnes says: “The joy of the journey has certainly continued.

“The excursion did not disappoint – Iceland definitely takes your breath away. The trip was so interesting and the views were just spectacular.”

For Fred Olsen Travel assistant manager Tom Holland, the day in Ísafjörður has been his favourite to date. “We certainly got the Olsen Way shore excursion experience.

“We docked in the heart of this quaint little town with no need for a shuttle. We then took a scenic drive through the beautiful fjords, with endless green valleys and waterfalls in sight.”

Kevin Reeves adds: “What Fred Olsen misses out on in terms of bells and whistles, it makes up for it with heart and soul. You can’t buy that.”

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