Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip

Fred Olsen fam cruise: ‘Every guest is treated like a VIP’

As Borealis nears Reykjavík for its first port of call in Iceland on the Fred Olsen VIP fam, travel agents have today toured the cabins on board and been given a special insight into the Olsen Way.

From the Olsen Suite right through to the interior, single occupancy cabins, Fred Olsen welcomed agents to view the accommodation to showcase that no matter what grade a guest books, style and quality runs throughout the ship.

After the tour, members of the Fred Olsen team spoke in detail about the Olsen Way principles and how the brand is evolving.

Not Just Travel’s Alan Witt explains: “Even in the single occupancy cabins, there’s more space than you would expect. You don’t get the feeling of claustrophobia. There are also lovely colour schemes throughout. It’s beautiful accommodation.”

Kevin Reeves, from Cruise 118, says: “There is one class of guest, everyone on board is a VIP and all guests are treated equally.

“I was surprised at the space [in the cabins]. The Olsen Suite and Premier Suites were amazing, in particular, with a real sense of luxury.”

As Fred Olsen says, the pause in operations during the pandemic gave the cruise line time to reflect and expand and improve on what it has done so successfully for decades.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip, Olsen Way
The Olsen Way defines everything that Fred Olsen stands for

The 10 Olsen Way principles (which can be viewed at the top of this page) send a clear message about all that makes the brand stand out among the crowd.

From its hand-crafted, not mass produced, itineraries, to the belief that smaller is better, taking guests to hidden-gem ports of call, and the joy of the journey, with painstaking attention paid to every detail – agents have tangible assets and a brand identity they can use when talking to clients.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Since restarting operations, Fred Olsen has seen an increase of 50 per cent in new-to-brand guests.

Come 2023, the line will also introduce its Journey Navigators concept, with nature scouts, culture curators, maritime guides and entertainment hosts joining guests on board to enhance the experience.

Stephanie Blackmun, from Newmarket Holidays, believes that the line has succeeded in creating a sense of family, saying: “People are guests, not customers. Sailing with Fred Olsen is like coming home and holidaying with friends.”

Witt adds: “The line truly does cater for all. I think Fred Olsen has certainly changed [in recent years].”

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