The second week of CLIA’s #ChooseCruise campaign is focusing on the sport and fitness options available to passengers on an ocean or river cruise.

The two-month promotion intends to boost cruise sales and includes an online agent toolkit, complete with marketing and PR guides, plus shareable videos and images for social media campaigns.

Speaking about the fitness options available when taking a cruise, Andy Harmer, CLIA UK & Ireland director, said: “Cruise holidays offer an extensive roll-call of ways to get active, making it easy for passengers to stay in tip-top condition whether they’re in the middle of the ocean, sailing along rivers or visiting a port of call.

“The latest generation of ships boast impressive state-of-the-art gyms and exercise studios that easily give shore-based alternatives a run for their money.

“Large ships will feature sports courts, where team players can join football games or basketball bouts, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, with some ships even featuring climbing walls and paddle tennis courts.”

Harmer added that cruise lines are also upping their game when it comes to fitness trends, including “stretching sessions, meditation, dance lessons, aerobics, spinning classes and Pilates”.

He added: “Activities aren’t just confined to ships either, as guests can choose from many active adventures ashore.

“From hiking trips over mountain slopes, glacier-treks and kayaking adventures to the slightly less physically demanding city walking tours and biking excursions, guests can inject a more energetic way to explore ports of call and their surroundings.”