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Visiting Qatar: ‘A memorable experience’

Doha, Qatar

Paul Edge, from Cruise Club UK, recently visited Qatar as part of a fam trip with MSC Cruises. He shares his thoughts on the destination and why the potential for growth in Qatar’s cruise sector is “significant”.

What were your highlights of the trip to Qatar?

The trip to Qatar was marked by numerous memorable experiences. A highlight was the lunch at Outpost Al Barari in the desert, paired with an exhilarating 4×4 desert excursion en route to Khor Al Adaid, also known as the Inland Sea. Here, we witnessed a spectacular sunset.

Additionally, dining on the 33rd/34th floor of the Fairmont Hotel, with a panoramic view of the illuminated Doha skyline and enjoying Asian fusion cuisine, was an extraordinary experience.

What did you make of the range of activities available?

The array of activities available in Qatar is impressive, catering to a wide range of interests.

This includes the exceptional B12 Beach Club at West Bay, a water park, numerous art and cultural experiences, diverse markets, and high-end shopping options.

The dining experiences are particularly remarkable, offering both variety and quality.

What surprised you about the destination?

Having visited Qatar just before the World Cup, I was initially skeptical about its ability to match the allure of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, upon my return a year later with MSC, with new developments and facilities, Doha presented a transformed and vibrant atmosphere.

It now competes favourably with its regional counterparts and offers excellent value for money.

The Embrace Cultural session at Al Wakrah Souk was enlightening and I recommend it for all travellers for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture.

To what type of client would you recommend Qatar and why?

Qatar is a destination suited for a diverse range of clients, including those seeking luxury and opulence.

It particularly stands out for special occasions, with establishments like The Fairmont and Raffles offering exceptional experiences.

Furthermore, its suitability as a pre/post cruise destination or as a stopover for a long city break makes it an attractive choice for various travel needs.

Do you think Qatar’s cruise sector can continue to grow?

The potential for growth in Qatar’s cruise sector is significant. The country boasts the necessary facilities and amenities to position itself as an ideal winter stopover destination, offering guaranteed sunshine.

As more people discover and enjoy Doha, its popularity is likely to increase, further enhancing its reputation as a premier holiday destination in a safe and sun-drenched environment.


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