The Royal Suite Star Class experience [Video]

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean’s Royal Genies are focused on adding an element of surprise and delight to the holiday experience of our guests.

As the ultimate insider onboard our ships, a Royal Genie can craft exclusive experiences across all elements of the holiday. The Royal Genies have undergone training, including an extensive course from the British Butler Institute, and as a result, are always looking at attention to detail and the ways that they can enhance the holiday experience of guests, guiding them through a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. They can best be described as a cross between Carson from Downton Abbey and Mary Poppins –  offering a heartfelt service that helps guests enjoy the ultimate holiday full of unexpected moments.

A Royal Genie doesn’t just tend to a guest’s suite – they make the entire ship their suite, crafting personalised VIP experiences that are tailored to their exact tastes. From planning the ultimate date night to making sure their favourite wine is chilling after a day of adventures onshore, the Royal Genie makes sure that guests have everything they want at their fingertips.

Royal Genies can organise amazing adventures like personalised spa and shore excursions, and private FlowRider lessons. What’s more, they can create a carefully curated Private Journey for guests, which offers a totally personalised onshore itinerary to make the experience unique. Royal Genies also have insider connections and impeccable taste. For instance, they can arrange a private shopping trip with a personal introduction to the managers of Royal Caribbean’s exclusive shops, including luxury brands like Cartier and Michael Kors. The Royal Genie’s aim is to understand what makes guests’ dream holiday, fulfilling Royal Caribbean’s mantra of “luxury is never having to ask!’’



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