Sabrina Piscioneri, sales executive at Viking Cruises, reminisces about the Rhine, extols the virtues of Italian cuisine and ticks off lots on her wish list.

Why is your cruise line the best of all cruise lines?

Viking is the leader in both river and ocean cruising. We really do deliver on our brand promise – to give our guests
a way to explore the world in comfort. 

I think what sets us apart is that Viking offers such excellent value for money: from return UK flights to complimentary wifi, gratuities and even the use of our gorgeous spa facilities, not to mention being able to go out and explore a new place every day on our included shore excursions. And you can enjoy all of this while waking up in some of the world’s most wonderful destinations every day.

What’s the strangest question you have ever been asked about cruise?

“Are there any huge waves on the river?”

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Sabrina Piscioneri

How many of your cruise line’s ships have you sailed on and do you have a favourite among them?

In the short space of time I’ve been part of the Viking family, I have been lucky enough to sail on one of our many beautiful longships and experienced one of the most scenic rivers in Europe, the Rhine.

I have also been on three of our ocean ships while in port in the UK. All our ships are identical, so have the same features, however the Viking Star – the very first of our ocean ships – still exudes great elegance. You instantly feel at home the moment you step on board.

Do you have a favourite on-board restaurant, and why?

Coming from an Italian background, it goes without saying that Manfredi’s has to be my ultimate favourite place to eat. The food is exquisite; not only that, but I feel right at home with so many dishes from different regions in Italy. Better still, there are absolutely no extra charges to dine in this restaurant, and the same goes for all our other alternative dining outlets on our ocean ships.

Which port would you definitely disembark in and what would you opt to do there?

There are so many stunning places to choose from, but I would definitely disembark in Alta, Norway, which features on our In Search of the Northern Lights itinerary. I would take a ride with the beautiful husky dogs (they look just like my own gorgeous husky, called Bella) and then head to the Igloo Hotel on a snowmobile ride. The wintery landscape oozes Northern natural beauty, which I absolutely love.

Which cruise is on your wish list?

I’d love to see all the seven wonders of the world and to visit at least one country from every continent. Top of my list has to be Viking’s ultimate world cruise, which sets sail from Greenwich in August 2019. This is the world’s longest continuous cruise and would pretty much tick off my whole wish list in one go.

If you didn’t work in the cruise industry, what do you think you would do?

I would be very reluctant to leave this industry because I have such a passion for it, but if I had to do something else I would go back to my musical theatre roots and become a full-time actress.