Authorities in Paris have banned all river cruise traffic after relentless rain caused the country’s most iconic river to burst its banks. The Seine swelled to four metres above its usual level, reaching levels of 5.8m on Monday morning. Water levels are not expected to recede before today – weeks after heavy rain first hit the area.

Paris regional authorities say the floods have already caused damage in 240 towns, and has led to the closure of schools, roads and some hospitals.

In Paris, cruise boat companies have suffered losses because of a ban on river traffic as a result of the high, fast waters on the Seine, though A-ROSA said it didn’t start cruises on the river until March 2018, while CrosiEurope also said it wouldn’t start cruises there until the end of February.

Authorities have said the floods have not been as bad as predicted. Those in 2016, reached levels of 6.1m – a quarter of a metre above the current levels of 5.84m.