wind-powered cruise ships

New wind-powered ships set to launch in 2023/24

French company TransOceanic Wind Transport, founded in 2011, has ordered two wind-powered ships fitted with fully mechanised and automated sails to be delivered in late 2023 and spring 2024.

Passengers will be able to enjoy the ultimate silent escape on the two cargo vessels, which will use wind propulsion around 90 per cent of the time.

As well as delivering goods in an environmental way, the ships will be able to carry up to 12 passengers each from Le Havre, including a 13-day crossing to New York, two-week sailing to the Ivory Coast or a 55-day journey to Shanghai.

The six en-suite cabins will be named after English and French authors and filled with their books.

Passengers will eat with the nine-strong crew and drink in a ‘pub’ space alongside – they can even help take a watch on the bridge or learn about navigation, weather or marine fauna.

The ships, travelling at around 10 knots, will also offer a lounge with music, films and a maritime library, plus a sun deck at the back.

Four daily meals will be made from food bought at ports, with nothing deep frozen, while limited wifi means guests will truly escape from it all.

Fares are expected to be between €160 and €290 per person, per day.

Company president Guillame Le Grand told Cruise Trade News: “We have had a very strong demand for our sailings, which will be ‘passages’ more than cruises.

“We think the level of environmental interest is going up rapidly, as well as the search for authenticity.”

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