It’s time to think about the year ahead and your work ambitions for 2018 – smar t business resolutions will be easier to keep.

I’m sure you will all be saying – and hearing – “Happy New Year!” for the next few weeks, but may I sincerely wish you all a happy and positive 2018 – and a prosperous one.

This is the year our businesses need to focus on increase. It’s time to get our nose to the grindstone and concentrate on selling. After all, it’s what Januarys are for!

Over 2017 my team and I spent a lot of time coaching people to commit to their own action plan. There’s a good reason for this. When the chips are down – and especially when there is negativity – it’s good to focus on what you really want to achieve. So think about your business year ahead and get your objectives down on paper in order to fully commit to them.

I’m not taking about New Year’s resolutions; I’m talking about real goals. And by goals I don’t mean wishes or wants. My team and I deliver training to businesses and ask them to really commit to strategically focused business goals.

Whether you are a business owner, a manager or a sales associate, setting goals should be something that you do for yourself – something that also has a positive impact on the business.

So before you get busy with the first month of the year, why not set yourself some goals to fully focus on what you really want to achieve? And one more thing: make them smart.

What does that mean? Let me spell it out…

Specific: what is that you want to achieve? Be clear about the desired outcome of your goals

Measurable: how will you measure your success and know that you have really achieved what you set out to do?

Achievable: you have to know you can reach a goal – but make sure it’s pushing you to do more

Realistic: consider your market, your position, the economy and your customers

Time-bound: when is your deadline to review your success?

Once you know what it is that you are striving for, GO FOR IT! Remember, monitoring your progress is essential. It allows you to either adjust the outcome if you are not on track, or celebrate success if you are.

Commit to your goals, publish them, talk about them, ensure your colleagues share your vision and you CAN succeed. Here’s to a happy and successful – and prosperous – 2018.

Debbee Dale
Debbee Dale provides consultancy, training and, coaching for businesses, and has designed award-winning online training solutions for ACE (Association of Cruise Experts, now CLIA), Norwegian Cruise Lines and Hurtigruten.