Fred Olsen Cruise Lines VIP fam trip

Fred Olsen VIP fam: The learning journey begins

It’s day two on board Borealis, and time for the learning to begin.

Travel agents today arrived in Belfast on the first full day of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ VIP fam trip to Iceland.

After spending a couple of hours exploring the city of Belfast, the group joined an exclusive cooking demonstration, making pastries and decorating cakes, to learn about some key Olsen Way principles.

Following this, we were treated to a menu briefing, to understand the meticulous work that goes into catering for all tastes and passengers’ dietary requirements.

As Fred Olsen as a brand explains, this is all about attention to detail, making the guest experience personal to each and every guest, and showcasing that everything that happens on board relates back to one key message: it’s all about the people.

Cruise 118’s Kevin Reeves says: “We decorated cakes, made trifles and had a fun time. I was surprised by the measures the senior team go to to ensure the crew get sufficient rest periods between work to keep them happy, meaning they can keep us happy.”

Speaking at the menu briefing, Fred Olsen Travel assistant manager Tom Holland was highly complimentary about the quality of food, saying: “It’s some of the best food I’ve had on board a ship. I’d put it up there with the likes of Oceania Cruises.”

Fred Holidays marketing and creative design executive Brogan Doyle adds: “I feel like I’ve experienced the Olsen Way in such a short space of time.

“We have been lucky enough to take part in a food demonstration and it was such a personalised experience – it felt special to be part of it.

“It was great to hear from the chefs and understand the incredible amount of work that goes into each day. They really do make it all about the people.”

Alan Witt, from Not Just Travel, explains: “I saw how much work the chefs and waiting staff put it.

“They will steer guests through the menus and adapt a recipe wherever they can, to ensure guests get a wonderful selection of dishes. It’a all done with a friendly smile.”

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