MSC Cruises MSC Virtuosa family holiday

The ideal family holiday: Cruise agent reports back from time on MSC Virtuosa

Cruise1st cruise sales manager Lee Ashton recently joined MSC Cruises for a British Isles cruise on MSC Virtuosa. He explains to CTN why the ship represents the ideal family holiday.

After two years of staying at home, with a total of four holidays cancelled, the family and I were very much ready for a cruise and to simply get away.

Sailing on MSC Cruises’ MSC Virtuosa gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that, as a family, knowing that we would all have something to enjoy on board.

We therefore jumped at the chance to cruise around the British Isles, experiencing Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the south of England.

We departed from Liverpool and as we queued to board, I remember feeling a distinct sense of joy knowing we would soon be celebrating a family getaway on such a beautiful new ship.

It took approximately two and a half hours to board the ship, once we had all gone through the health & safety protocols and completed lateral flow tests.

MSC Virtuosa family holiday
Lee Ashton and his family on MSC Virtuosa.

Top-class experiences for families

Once on board, we found the staff to be accommodating and friendly, and generally they all went above and beyond to ensure we were happy. Yes, we did experience queues in several areas, but this was to be expected.

We visited all the family friendly activities, including the arcades, the waterpark, F1 simulators, and the virtual reality area – MSC has really put a lot of thought into those travelling with kids.

MSC Virtuosa was immaculate, with staff constantly attending to the presentation and keeping standards high.

The bars, restaurants and leisure facilities were clean and gave all of us the full experience of what an MSC Cruises holiday has to offer.

From the Swarovski stairs to the LED dome, the multiple eateries and bars, MSC Virtuosa had it all. I also overheard other passengers discussing how the ship had met their expectations.

The excursions adhered to Covid guidelines and every passenger was safe and comfortable. Tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and worked hard to provide an enjoyable experience.

All in all, MSC Virtuosa was the perfect way to once again enjoy a holiday, together, as a family.

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