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Cruise Trade News April/May 2022 issue: Live and online

Cruise Trade News

Welcome to the April/May issue of Cruise Trade News.

As issues overseas continue to dominate the headlines, it can feel odd to highlight the benefits of travelling and taking a cruise.

However, as we have all learned in recent times, we must be positive, build momentum, and look to the future with optimism, not trepidation.

The April/May 2022 issue of Cruise Trade News
The April/May 2022 issue of Cruise Trade News

That was one of the prevailing themes at the CLIA RiverView 2022 conference, held at the end of March in Budapest. Inside, we report on what river lines are doing to drive sales and how they intend to boost support for travel agents.

Also in Budapest, there was plenty of talk about sustainability – something that we have focused on extensively in recent issues of Cruise Trade News as part of a special series of articles.

That theme continues here, with an investigation into the use of hydrogen. As you’ll discover, this is a long-term goal, but things are beginning to move.

We also speak to CLIA in Europe director general Marie-Caroline Laurent, looking at what her background in transport and current affairs can bring to the cruise sector.

Plus, inside this issue:

  • A look at some of the newest cruise ships to enter the market
  • How you can enter and win at the Wave Awards 2022
  • Top tips on how to sell UK expedition itineraries
  • Spotlight on Portsmouth Port’s ambitious plans

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