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Cruise Copenhagen launches new campaign to promote off-season calls

Cruise Copenhagen launches new campaign

Cruise Copenhagen has launched a campaign to encourage cruise lines to visit the Danish capital during the off-season period.

For the first time ever, Copenhagen expects to host cruise calls every month in 2022.

The Cruise Copenhagen group will create a new microsite on its webpage to showcase the reasons why lines should include the city in their itineraries for off-season months.

According to the company, lines and visitors could benefit from “port discounts [and] more space at the port and at the attractions”.

In addition, it added that guests will get the opportunity to “explore the unique attractions and atmosphere… in the autumn, winter and during Christmas”.

Other seasonal events in the city include the Culture Night, where more than 250 museums, theatres and libraries are open for a festive evening of events and tours, and the Winterjazz festival, which takes place in venues across the city.

Cruise Copenhagen director Claus Bødker said: “There are many advantages of cruising in the shoulder season. Besides port discounts and more space at both the port and at the attractions, it’s more sustainable to spread out tourism throughout the year.

“Based on our experience, we know that most guests have an overall better time in Copenhagen when the attractions aren’t too crowded.

“Fall and winter are the absolute prime seasons for the Danish concept of ‘hygge’. There is no better time of the year to experience the cozy atmosphere of Copenhagen.”

Image credit: Kim Wyon

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