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Cruise ‘becoming more popular’ with younger people

Cruise 'becoming more popular' with younger people

A study has revealed that cruising is becoming more popular with younger age groups.

Cruise specialist has revealed the fastest growth is in the under 20s, with eight per cent of all cruise passengers travelling in 2022 now either teens or younger.

This is the highest level ever recorded and compares to six per cent in 2019.

All other age groups under the age of 60 have experienced a rise in the proportion of on-board passengers.

The most notable change is the total number of passengers who are over 60 compared to under 60. In 2019, 37 per cent were under 60, however this year that figure has risen to 44 per cent.

The figures have been taken from’s full 2022 bookings data.

Young people ‘choosing cruise’ deputy managing director Tony Andrews said: “The amazing array of choice you get on a holiday at sea means an increasing proportion of families and younger holidaymakers are choosing to cruise.

“From kids’ clubs to hair-raising adrenaline activities to tattoo parlours, ships have it all, and every age is catered for.

“Cruise remains a wonderful break for retirees and older people, and it’s easy to see why they are our mainstay passengers.

“At the same time it’s great to see the younger generation boarding in increasing numbers. In fact, we often see grandparents treating grandchildren to a cruise, which just goes to show how well-catered for the whole family is.”

Additional research, released by CLIA in September, showed that demand for cruise holidays has surpassed 2019 levels.

The survey, of 4,000 domestic and international travellers, shows the “intent to book a holiday at sea among UK passengers now exceeds levels from three years ago”.

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