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CLIA comment: We will all continue to work together to overcome this latest challenge

CLIA UK & Ireland director Andy Harmer

CLIA UK & Ireland director Andy Harmer comments on the impact of the coronavirus on the cruise sector and how the industry will continue to deal with the crisis.

“Our colleagues across the cruise industry, and the communities we serve, are facing a challenge that is unprecedented in scale.

“As we face the prospect of new restrictions impacting across our daily lives, we are all being tested, and I’m proud to say that our cruising community has been stepping up to the challenge.

“Everyone is working around the clock to accommodate the new restrictions and are making every effort to keep customers informed with updated information even as developments seem to occur so rapidly. Our customers should feel reassured that our industry remains focused on their safety, health and well-being.

“The cruise industry is one of the most well-equipped and experienced in providing for the care and safety of guests and crew, which is our number one priority at all times.

“The Covid-19 virus has presented the world with a new challenge, and as such our industry’s already strict protocols have been strengthened throughout, as the world learns more about the challenge faced under the guidance of international health authorities.

The wider travel sector has proven itself to be resilient in the face of previous global challenges, be they health-related, financial, or otherwise, and our industry is no different.

“The cruise industry is a strong, close-knit community and a people business at heart. Whether you are a crew member working onboard a ship, or your role is shoreside in ports, offices or a travel agency, we all rely on each other to give our customers the best travel experience possible.

“And it is because of this collaborative culture that we are so adept at facing and addressing challenges. We will all continue to work together to overcome this latest challenge over the longer-term.

“CLIA will continue to monitor and share updates and data from our colleagues and partners within the travel sector.”

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