Are Millennials the future of cruising?

Are Millennials the future of cruising?

With Anchored by Unique Cruise playing host to the likes of Tinie Tempah, and Uniworld launching the youthful U by Uniworld, is the Millennial market one to watch? 

Andy Harmer, SVP membership & director, UK & Ireland, CLIA:

Thanks to the rich diversity of available destinations and destination experiences, and with the wide range of cruise lines and ships available, we can truly say that there is a cruise to suit everyone. Little wonder then, that for some cruise lines and travel agents, Millennials are already an important consideration. But while sweeping statements about an entire generation are often not helpful, we know that this is a group that aims to ‘sight-do’ rather than ‘sight-see’ – holidaymakers who are seeking new adventures and experiences, and who value the connectivity that is part of normal life. When it comes to Millennials we need to focus on the range of experiences available, the opportunity that cruise offers for them to do something new, and the chance to share those experiences.

Kathryn Beadle, UK MD, Uniworld:

Travel is no longer viewed as a luxury, but rather a necessity for young people. And with social feeds filled with pictures of exotic destinations and adventurous experiences, it’s no wonder travel is a top priority for this generation. We saw a great opportunity to reach an entirely new audience with U by Uniworld, and we’re really excited to be offering a cruising product that will broaden the interest in this type of experiential travel. U by Uniworld is the innovator in introducing river cruise to a totally new market. We have every confidence that this is only the start and that we will be introducing more itineraries as word spreads through the Millennials’ social networks on what a great holiday and unique experience river cruising is.

Iain Baillie Vice president, UK  & international sales, Carnival Cruise Lines:

Carnival has been in business since 1974, so a lot of Millennials have grown up with us, and love and trust our brand.

Our cruises are designed for multigenerational groups so it’s important that the needs of all age groups are carefully considered, from children to teenagers, young adults, parents and grandparents. Millennials expect constant connectivity at sea so, to this end, Carnival offers a communication programme where for $5 a day, guests can have 24/7 access to social media, email and internet, just as they would at home.

Kathryn Beadle’s Millennials masterclass

• Highlight the fact that cruising is the best and most comfortable way to experience all that Europe has to offer, in an affordable way. We position ourselves as a boutique hotel that moves seamlessly throughout Europe, with meals, transportation and activities all built in.
• Position a U by Uniworld cruise as a flexible holiday as guests can plan their day as they please.
• Agents can engage with potential customers through social channels like Twitter, YouTube or Instagram by showcasing Uniworld’s new product, and emphasise that river cruising is a new and exciting form of experiential travel for Millennials.
• As U by Uniworld is targeting the broad age range of 21 – 45 year olds, agents need to be aware that the needs of each potential customer will vary, and so it’s important to find out what the customer wants to get out of their travelling experience in order to recommend the right itinerary.

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