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Accord Marketing’s Maria Payne: ‘Making a lasting impression in cruise’

Accord Marketing, Maria Payne, cruise column

Accord Marketing chief client officer Maria Payne explains how cruise companies can create a lasting impression and stand out among the crowd.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest creative white paper, ‘BOOM! Being Distinctive to Increase Impact.

In a marketing landscape filled with countless options and constant noise, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for cruise brands to capture and retain attention.

That’s why we’ve delved into the realm of distinctiveness, examining successful examples that demonstrate its undeniable influence.

From the iconic half-eaten apple associated with Apple to the lovable meerkat that instantly brings to mind Compare the Market – these distinctive elements have the power to create a lasting impression.

So, to understand how distinctiveness can play an important role in a marketing strategy, how it compares to differentiation and the need to pay attention to a whole suite of creative assets, please contact me, at [email protected].

We hope you find the information interesting, engaging, and, above all, useful. We encourage you to share it with team members and colleagues who may also benefit from its insights.

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