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Accord Marketing’s Maria Payne: Analysing the latest cruise data

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Accord Marketing chief client officer Maria Payne looks at what the latest travel data says about the cruise industry.

Each year, Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, conducts research into the cruise industry, providing key insight into what’s happening in the market and how consumer behaviour is changing.

The great news is that confidence in booking cruise holidays is recovering fast. Here are the key takeaways of this year’s just-released report:

  • Cruise brands continue to benefit from the growing number of over-55s living in the UK, particularly as they are looking to remain active for longer and want to stay engaged with travel
  • No other holiday category has higher future interest than cruise. River has grown x3 vs 2022
  • More effort is required to encourage new to cruise
  • To maximise growth, the sector will need to show what it is doing to reduce its impact on the environment and local communities
  • Itineraries and accommodation remain the most important motivators for the over-55s, with younger cruisers keen on on-board facilities
  • Adult-only and cruise-and-stay are the most desired type
  • With growth in household consumption expected to remain modest in 2024, lines will continue to be challenged to convince consumers that their experience is worth paying for. However, the rising number of new ships coming to the market should help to place lines in a robust position

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