7 steps to selling a pre or post tour

Valletta harbour - Malta

Taking a cruise can tick bucket lists but for clients who want to immerse themselves in local culture or explore beautiful landscapes, a longer stay is the perfect option.

Andy Harmer, senior vice president membership & director, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) UK & Ireland offers his advice on how to sell land stays.

1 Stress-free travel

Clients can start or end their cruise feeling relaxed. Rather than rush to board the ship or the flight home, they can stay in the destination for a few days to avoid travel-related stress.

2 Flag-up freedom 

The escorted tour also gives clients freedom to explore at leisure, so flag up the decadence of staying for an extra glass of wine in a beautiful city square or walking into the hills with time to stop at a taverna, without any time pressures.

St Basil's Cathedral - Red Square - Moscow - Russia
St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square – an iconic attraction for visitors to Moscow

3 Highlight the luxuries 

As well as having the practicalities organised, escorted tours can offer luxury experiences that guests may not be able to experience on their own. This could include spending time with a local and participating in lesser-known experiences.

4 New-to-cruise

First-time visitors can enjoy an introduction to the iconic attractions of a country in a short space of time.

5 Creature comforts

Escorted tours can provide guests with comfort while getting around. There may be a number of places that a guest would like to visit and an escorted tour can take them there at ease.

Selling a pre or post tour
A land tour offers time to relax

6 Plan in advance

Advise clients about the great cruise-and-stay off ers that are available if they book in advance for 2018/2019.

7 Think about embarkation ports    

If you are starting out selling cruise holidays, pay particular attention to the main embarkation and debark ports – these are the places where you can add flights, hotels and pre- and post- tours – for your customers, and your knowledge will be repaid many times!

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