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Royal Caribbean: Back from a shakedown cruise on Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean, Anthem of the Seas

Cruise Trade News was recently on Royal Caribbean International’s Anthem of the Seas for a shakedown sailing, as the ship begins its series of British Isles cruises.

The time has come – Royal Caribbean is once again sailing from the UK, with a promise to deliver an “adventure-filled summer for UK families who have long missed making memories while on holiday”.

It’s another milestone ticked off, as more and more lines inch over the line and return to service, confident in the knowledge that cruise ships provide safe havens away from land-based worries.

As is becoming common across the sector, Royal Caribbean is placing a lot of emphasis on its app, which guests are required to download prior to the cruise to run through safety questionnaires and check-in online. From start to finish, all safety protocols are followed without fail and not once did the assembled guests feel unsafe during the shakedown.

Royal Caribbean International’s Anthem of the Seas on a UK cruise
Anthem of the Seas is known for its entertainment, including the show, We Will Rock You.

Once the admin part is over, the first thing guests will notice about Anthem of the Seas from the outside is the sheer size of the ship. However, once on board, the ship feels surprisingly intimate. It’s easy to navigate, the flow is excellent, and guests are never far from one of the many attractions.

Speaking of which, as to be expected from a ship of this scale, there are many top restaurants in which to dine. On a shakedown it’s not feasible to try them all, but one that is sure to be a favourite is Izumi, an authentic Asian-inspired dining experience that is well worth the supplement necessary. The food in the main dining room is also plentiful and served by a very attentive team.

Non-stop entertainment

Entertainment is everywhere on Anthem of the Seas and it’s easy to see how the ship will cater for a wide variety of guests. Whether it’s a family cruise or a romantic voyage for two, there’s somewhere to go and something to do all the time. There are plenty of pools – both for kids and adult jacuzzis – and the very popular surf simulator, FlowRider.

Other areas include the casino, the North Star ­– all-glass observation capsule that offers 360-degree views of the open ocean from 300 feet above sea level –  SeaPlex, the largest indoor active space at sea, and RipCord by iFly, a sky diving experience at sea.

FlowRider is a popular attraction on Anthem of the Seas.

Two70 is also a very enjoyable space used for cabaret and daytime shows, as well as having a large set of screens onto which is projected all manner of things from cartoons to orchestral recitals and fireworks.

As for the crew on Anthem of the Seas, it’s great to see how seamlessly they all have fitted back into their day-to-day jobs.

So, who is the ideal client to match to Anthem of the Seas? Really it could be argued all of them. However, multi-generational families, in particular, will have a great time as the ship caters for each group individually, allowing guests to get together for family time as they wish.

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