MSC Cruises has taken delivery of MSC Seashore

MSC pledges cruise operations will be net zero emissions by 2050

MSC has unveiled a goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in its cruise operations by 2050.

The target – covering MSC Cruises and luxury brand Explora Journeys – goes beyond the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) ambition to reduce emissions from shipping by 50 per cent by 2050 compared to 2008, MSC said.

MSC added that in recent years it had made annual efficiency improvement across the fleet, and by 2019 the company had achieved a 28 per cent improvement compared to 2008.

The group recently entered into a partnership with shipbuilder Fincantieri and energy infrastructure company Snam to determine the conditions for the design and construction of what could become the world’s first hybrid hydrogen/LNG-powered cruise ship.

Other projects include the order of three new ships to run on LNG and the possibility of using fuel cells as a further means to achieve reductions in emissions.

In addition, the group has joined a research project to promote low-carbon shipping by combining “progressive energy technologies and innovative ship design”.

MSC Group cruise division executive chairman Pierfrancesco Vago said: “As a family business with over three hundred years of maritime heritage, we have always felt a deep responsibility towards our marine environment and our planet.

“Today we are taking our commitment one step further by embracing a net zero emissions future within the next three decades. We will achieve this by investing in and otherwise supporting the accelerated development and implementation of innovative, cutting-edge technologies to be deployed across our fleet, continuously raising the bar of environmental performance and leading our industry forward.

“Collaboration between operators, shipyards, technology manufacturers, academic institutions, public authorities and governments will be essential.

“There are already encouraging signs of such partnerships enabling progress, but more can and must be done. I call on all parties to work relentlessly towards this end and bring about the next great energy transition in our industry.”

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