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Fred Olsen unveils new 2025 world cruise

Fred Olsen, Bolette

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has launched a new world cruise for 2025, inspired by journeys taken by famous historical explorers.

Departing from Southampton on 6 January 2025, flagship Bolette will follow a similar route to the first world circumnavigation by explorers Magellan and Elcano in 1519.

The cruise, which will take guests to destinations including Brazil, Argentina, French Polynesia, Mauritius and South Africa, will also cruise the south coast of Australia, as British navigator Matthew Flinders did in 1801.

It will also call into places visited by the likes of Captain James Cook and Alexander Selkirk – the Scottish sailor who was the inspiration for the Robinson Crusoe novel.

Fred Olsen voyages ‘telling a story’

During the first half of the voyage, guests will enjoy the traditional and cultural art forms of South America, followed by scenic cruising to admire the snow-capped peaks and landscapes of the Chilean fjords.

Fred Olsen also revealed that there will be chances to gain “cultural insight into many societies and civilisations and encounter a variety of native wildlife”.

Fred Olsen head of itinerary planning and destination experience Martin Lister said: “We have a real passion for curating creative and innovative itineraries, and this grand voyage really tells a story – retelling the tales of some of history’s greatest adventurers.

“There are some incredible highlights, from seeing the mysterious Moai statues on Easter Island or exploring the tropical islands of the South Pacific with their volcanic landscapes, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and pearl trade.

“There are chances to delve into the origins of music and dance in the birthplace of some of the greatest art forms in the world, or visit St Helena, the isolated British island that was once a crucial shipping port and the place where Napoleon was exiled.

“In each destination there is something not to be missed, and we can’t wait to share all of these experiences with our guests.”

Earlier in March, Fred Olsen’s Borealis set sail on its Around the World in 80 Days voyage.

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