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Cruise Trade News – The Ultimate Ocean Destination Guide 2022

CTN The Ultimate Ocean Destination Guide 2022

As i’m sure is the case for your clients, I am forever dreaming of my next cruise adventure. In previous years while putting together this guide, outlining as it does the major cruise destinations, I have found myself making a rather long list of all the places I want to visit.

While I’ve been compiling this edition, the list started to take on a life of its own. I am more determined than ever to travel the globe and experience first hand what’s available, whether that be in the sun kissed Caribbean or adventure to Alaska.

And this is the beauty of this industry – there are very few places that cannot be experienced on a cruise. There’s so much to see and, as agents, to learn, to ensure you can impart this wisdom to your clients.

This guide is designed to cut through the noise and provide a comprehensive yet streamlined overview. We have also included some top selling tips for each region, plus special excursions and events that clients are sure to love.

I do hope this guide provides you and your clients with a large dose of cruise inspiration.

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