Organisers of Southampton’s first Cruise Business Seminar have been “overwhelmed with the positive response” to the one-day event.

The event, held at the Southampton Harbour Hotel on 28 February, welcomed approximately 50 delegates to discuss new on-shore excursions in the region for cruise passengers.

Cruise Britain director Kay Greenway outlined how the industry is growing, evidenced by a 62 per cent increase in the demand for cruising from 2005 to 2015.

She also highlighted Southampton’s success as a cruise terminal to date and scope for potential growth.

Meanwhile, Cruise and Conference project manager, leisure excursions, Laura Campbell said: “This event was entirely tailored towards supporting cruise excursion companies to find products that match their requirements and enable them to build a marketable excursion itinerary.

“We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the positive response that the event received and we are looking forward to organising more of these events in the coming months.”

Southampton City Council member for homes and culture councillor Satvir Kaur added: “Being a busy cruise port we have millions of cruise passengers coming to Southampton every year, and we are keen to establish ourselves as a destination city for them to explore the amazing attractions in Southampton and the surrounding area.”