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CLIA launches cruise fact finder tool

CLIA has unveiled a new “fantastic” fact finder tool to assist agents searching for cruise ship and itinerary information. 

Developed by Zolv, the tool has been dubbed the ‘Cliasaurus’ and will offer a wealth of facts, ranging from accessible cabins and types of sockets on board to specific themes for cruises, celebrity partnerships and more.

Andy Harmer, CLIA UK & Ireland director, said: “The ‘Cliasaurus’ is a fantastic tool for travel agents as it will help them to answer any customer questions that may come their way quickly and easily.

“This fact finder tool allows agents to find the information they’re looking for with just a click of a button.

“The tool will be constantly updated as CLIA adds more category searches and ship information, ensuring that agents will always have the most up-to-date information.”

The ‘Cliasaurus’ will go live shortly and will be available for travel agent members only on

The cruise industry body also revealed it will host its largest river cruise roadshow programme in 2019.

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