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Artificial intelligence to ‘unlock developments’ in cruise experience

Artificial intelligence, cruise industry changes. Mundy Cruising

Mundy Cruising and Mundy Adventures have unveiled concepts of how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the cruise industry.

According to the companies, AI will “unlock a host of developments in ship design and on-board experience”.

The shape of cruise ships is likely to change as AI finds the “most efficient design”, with carbon-neutral power incorporated and controlled by AI in “ways never before considered possible”.

AI assisted navigation will also help to determine the most fuel-efficient route, enabling guests to benefit from much smoother sailings.

It could also assist with passenger flow, saving energy and reducing waste, a statement said.

As for the guest experience, Mundy suggests that an AI-powered virtual concierge could “respond in conversational language to fulfil requests such as restaurant opening times, menu choices and shore excursion availability”.

The design of expedition cruise ships will also change, with a focus on panoramic views, open decks and “plenty of tools for exploration”.

A ‘slew of enhancements’ from artificial intelligence

Mundy Cruising MD Edwina Lonsdale said: “There will be a slew of enhancements brought by AI across all aspects of luxury cruising, from ship design and build to efficiencies in itinerary planning and provisioning, to enhanced guest interaction.

“Importantly, what will come to define the new luxury small ship experience will be personal human interaction, as key to the core of true luxury.”

Lonsdale added: “AI in the expedition sector is about the enhancement of the human connection rather than simply second-guessing the wants and needs of individuals on the basis of past behaviours, improving the experience and allowing guests to be delighted by authentic interactions, extraordinary surprises and exceptional destinations that take them out of their comfort zone.”

Mundy Cruising said it had reviewed developments within the industry, such as Ponant’s design for its next-generation ship.

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