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Accord Marketing: Cruise customers value authentic messaging

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Mark Lewsey, head of marketing at Accord Marketing, explains how to communicate with new and existing cruise customers.

This year has been tumultuous, as the world has been turned upside down. Somehow it is familiar and yet so much has changed so quickly.

But throughout it all, there continues to be pent-up demand for travel and, in particular, demand in the cruise sector. The challenge is in how to communicate effectively and authentically with new and existing customers, in order to establish meaningful connections.

A key part of this is to review content, messaging and creative – so, what you do, what you say and what the motivation is.

Be consistent

A uniform tone of voice that reflects your brand’s values and purpose is essential – now more than ever. When a brand invests effort into presenting itself consistently, revenue can increase by as much as 23 per cent (2020 Kantar research).

Be authentic

According to recent research by SEMrush, 65 per cent of customers connect with brands that make them feel appreciated, while 64 per cent trust a company because of shared values.

Kantar’s research into the impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour reveals that customers want brands to use a reassuring tone (72 per cent) and communicate brand values (65 per cent).

Be personal

Your aim is to connect, to create a two-way dialogue. You can help people find a connection by turning your brand into a platform for doing things, sharing experiences or collective dreaming.

It is important to use live Q&As with cruise experts and make the most of platforms such as Instagram Live, IG TV, YouTube live sessions and direct-to-camera content.

Be responsive

You should be open with your messaging and strategy, and listen to the current mood. Consumers may appreciate moments of calmness, joy and hope – and you can play a part in providing mental and emotional well-being.

Listen and look forward

Get the cue for your tone of voice by monitoring customer sentiment. Now more than ever, remind customers there will be a future beyond the current situation and help them to plan for it.

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