10 of the best things to do in Rome

Rome isn’t a hard sell and this city can comfortably be discovered in two or three days.

For clients who only have a day, an Ancient Rome Walking Tour offered by a shore operator such as Viator is a good place to start. It costs around £30, including skip the line entrance to the main sights. These tours take place in the morning or afternoon, lasting around three hours.

It’s also possible to fit in a quick visit to The Vatican but it’s better to set aside another a day just for this.

A good place to start is on the Via Fori lmperiali Street, located in the centre of Rome, leading to the ancient sights, starting with:


Learn about the gladiator battles and other events held here. Over the years, following fires and earthquake damage, it has been rebuilt and used as a cemetery, a villa, a castle fortress and a marble quarry before being restored in the 18th century for the jubilee of Pope Benedict XIV.


One of Rome’s Seven Hills, offering

View of Colosseum in Rome

views of the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus where chariot races took place. The city’s namesake Romulus is said to have founded the city here in 754.



The Roman Forum entered via the Arco di Tito was the first marketplace and an area of social and political activity. Some of the buildings include a temple, a basilica and a senate building. It was originally a marsh, drained by the Romans to build upon, Today 11 metres deep of ruins have been recovered.


The Pantheon is a Roman Pagan temple dedicated to the worship of every god (‘pan’ means ‘every’ and ‘theon’ means ‘divinity’). It was built by the Emperor Hadrian between 118 and 125 A.D. Nowadays it’s a church. The 43-metre wide domed building has a circular hall –
La Rotonda – with a portico of large granite Corinthian columns. It is open daily with no admission charge.


Head to the bustling Piazza Navona to see Bernini’s fountain – La Fontana dei Fiumi, built in 1651. There are two more fountains in the square and also the baroque church of Sant’Agnese in Agone. You’ll also find the grandstand where the Stadium of Domitian once stood. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful piazza squares in the city.

Spiral Stairs of the Vatican Museums


‘Trevi’ means ‘the meeting point of three roads’. It is the largest and most famous Baroque fountain in Rome, standing 25.9 metres high. It gets crowded here, with tourists taking photos and following the tradition of tlu’Owing a coin in the fountain so, if possible, head there early morning or late evening when it is lit up.


The smallest state in the world is also the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. There are 11 museums inside the Vatican, including Michelangelo’s restored Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens and St Peter’s Basilica. The basilica is open daily and is free to enter. An organized tour of the Vatican Sistine Chapel, costs a.round 60 euros.


Haute couture shopping is done on Via Condotti, but for mainstream fashion go to Via Borgognona., Via Frattina and Via del Corso. On the mile-long street from Piazza del Popdo there are shoe shops, department stores and fashion brands.

The Porta Portese flea market takes place on Sundays at the south end of the Trastevere neighbourhood, where you will find antiques, vintage clothing, music and art. There are a few antiques districts, including one near the Spanish Steps at the Via del Babuino.


Per me restaurant
Per me restaurant

Per Me Restaurant
Giulio Terrinoni, one of the best young chefs in Rome, has recently opened his new venture in thecapital’s historic centre, near Via Giulia. Per Me
offers tappi (Italian for tapas), such as roasted mackerel with burrata, or full portions of more traditional dishes which are innovative yet respectful of Roman traditions, like the spaghettone ajo e ojo with scampi and lemon.


NH Hotels has added a third property to its NH Collection in Rome. It is located in Piazza dei Cinquecento, near Termini station, so it’s central for sightseeing.

The iconic Rome Cavalieri has added nine new suites, a roof garden and a new luxury lounge for private events. The Cavalieri’s restaurant, La Pergola, has 3 Michelin stars and will be upgraded and renewed next year.

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