How often have you sailed into a beautiful destination and wished you could have lingered longer?

Your clients will no doubt tell you the same story: frustration at only scratching the surface of Barcelona; jumping on a cruise from Miami but never getting the chance to savour South Beach; or sailing on the Mekong while being just a little too far to make it to Angkor Wat.

There is every reason to sell an escorted/add-on tour because such packages combine two wonderfully different ways to enjoy a holiday – the cruise features the fun of being at sea as well as a host of amenities, while, in addition, a land tour gives clients the opportunity to indulge in a truly authentic discovery of a destination.

The convenience of all travel arrangements being combined for the guest, including transfers and looking after the luggage, is an appealing selling point. In addition, pricing for land and sea packages can be far more competitive than if a client tries to book the cruise and tour independently.

If there is any holiday that offers the best of both worlds it must be the cruise and stay package with an escorted tour as a highlight.

Buying more time

Visitors will be able to see parts of the destination that may not have been covered as part of the cruise. It is a chance for guests to see more of the destination in their own time.

It’s a holiday bonus

Cruise lines sail from all over the world and an escorted tour allows guests to explore the destination before or after their cruise.

Wider choice

Adding a shore stay to the start or end of a cruise is becoming increasingly popular. The number of ports that cruise lines visit is growing allowing a wider choice of destinations.

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