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Virtual Voyages – Cruise in 3D

Virtual Voyages

Clients can experience their forthcoming Azamara Club Cruise in 3D at shows and events thanks to a series of new, 360-degree virtual reality experiences, Azamara 3DI.  Using the latest Oculus Rift technology, which has revolutionised video games, the luxury boutique line aims to bring its  ‘Destination Immersion’ to life.

From touring the onboard offerings of an Azamara ship, zip-lining through a Costa Rican rainforest, taking a moonlit carriage ride in Cartagena, Colombia or sailing through the Panama Canal, the Azamara 3DI videos bring loyal and future guests as close to ‘being there’ as possible.  Using Azamara’s own Oculus Rift DK2 headsets and headphones, this sensory journey will showcase the Azamara experience. The 3DI experience can be viewed online at, although it’s better with the headsets. President and CEO Larry Pimentel said: “As travellers and travel partners research our offerings and itineraries, we need to arm them with the best tools possible to ensure they have the resources they need to make a well informed decision about which voyage is best for them.”

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