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Havila Voyages delays launch of second ship to May

Havila Voyages delays launch of second ship, Havila Castor

Havila Voyages has announced that its second ship, Havila Castor, will start operating from Bergen on 10 May, a month later than planned.

The ship, which was due to launch on 7 April, is being built at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey.

Havila Voyages said it is currently unable to carry out sea trials due to “challenges” with an electric motor.

Havila Kystruten CEO Bent Martini said: “I apologise to those passengers who have been looking forward to exploring the Norwegian coast on Havila Castor. We very much look forward to welcoming them on board in future and are contacting them to discuss an alternative voyage.

“We have had a lot of feedback from satisfied guests who are enjoying the good food and large cabins and appreciate the ship’s large windows showcasing the regions she sails through.

“They are also giving us positive comments about the high standard of service and comfortable accommodation on board.”

The Havila Voyages fleet

Havila, which launched its first ship, Capella, in December 2021, added that its third and fourth in the fleet, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, would also likely be delayed.

Martini continued: “We assume that Havila Polaris will start operating in the third quarter and Havila Pollux in the fourth quarter of this year.

“At this stage we are unable to confirm the exact dates but are doing everything we can to ensure we can put these ships into operation as quickly as possible, for the benefit of all who will travel and work on board.”

The Havila fleet will use large battery packs to sail through the fjords and other vulnerable areas for “up to four hours at a time, quietly and emission free”, the line said.

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