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Cruise Trade News – The Ultimate River Destination Guide 2022

CTN The Ultimate River Destination Guide 2022

It may not have the big-league on-board attractions that are found in the ocean cruise business – think rollercoasters, racetracks and the like – but river cruising is using such facets to its advantage by creating a new narrative.

No longer is it sitting in the shadows, but rather is shouting about its own innovations – whether they happen to be on board, in the engine rooms, or on land with excursions.

Take, for example, A-Rosa’s new eco-friendly ship, A-Rosa Sena, which will use the E-Motion concept to allow it to operate on battery power when approaching a port; the excitement around the possibilities provided by shore-power connectivity; and new concepts such as Cruise & Explore, as launched by Riviera Travel.

All in all, there is innovation wherever you look, and everything serves to highlight the seriousness with which river operators are taking their environmental responsibilities and commitment to providing one-of-a-kind itineraries and excursions.

It may be only a whistle-stop tour across some of the finest rivers around, but inside you will find all you need to help you sell, not only to repeat clients but also to those new to river cruising.

Enjoy this exploration of the world’s waterways.


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