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Cruise Trade News March 2021 – Digital Issue

Cruise Trade News March 2021

Well, that was certainly a very different Christmas and new year season. I experienced a range of emotions when lockdown 3.0 was announced. Despair anger and very little positivity.

After a few days of struggling to come to terms with the situation, I sat down for a moment of reflection. How could I shake of the feelings of negativity and smile once again? The first step was realising that my family and I are all healthy, followed by a couple of days of switching off and focusing purely on the moment, not what might come.

However, I soon began to get the cruising itch, and so I decided to delve into my archives to reminisce about the my wonderful days I have had at sea. This inevitibly led me to think about the time when I can put down the photos and experience it all again in full, high-definition reality.

Now as I write this, there is genuine hope that the sector is emerging from the dark days of the pandemic, and the roadmap has given the entire country a very welcome dose of positivity.

The pathway to restarting operations is by no means simple, but we are doing what we can by writing about itineraries, new ships and destinations, including advice on how to best sell to clients – tips that I am sure will prove even more valuble as bookings surge over the coming weeks and months.

In this issue, we look at Fred Olsen’s 2022/23 programme, speak to Riviera Travel about exciting plans to boost trade sales, and shine the spotlight on Royal Caribbean’s new ship, Odyssey of the Seas.

We also hear from Swan Hellenic, run through the latest incentives and support a range of lines and investigate what impact Covid-19 vaccines will have on the sector.

I do hope you find your cruise inspiration on the following pages.

All the best…


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