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Tech talk: The importance of digital collaboration in cruise

Tech talk: travel technology, Traveltek Cress Sergeant, digital transformation in cruise

As we exit 2023, Traveltek chief commercial officer Cressida Sergeant reflects on what has been a transformational year for cruise.

After a challenging period, momentum is back with a bang and the staggering numbers in 2023 are a very solid foundation for greater growth as we enter 2024.

What is also clear is the need for the industry to simplify and collaborate more in the digital world.

The cruise industry needs to help agents digitise their businesses, invest in future proofing their technology platforms and blending automation with a human touch.

So, do agents spend enough time focused on this area? Did you know that 90 per cent of organisations have an initiative and a desire for digital investment.

However, according to McKinsey, 70 per cent of digital transformations fail due to employee resistance. Therefore, having a person or team dedicated to ensuring all voices in the business are heard is an important piece of the jigsaw when implementing any new software.

Digital transformation is always better done slowly – never a big bang approach.

Invest to sell more cruise

For 28 per cent of companies, digital transformation is seen as a cost centre. This is not a surprising stat, but it’s so short sighted.

Think about investing in your systems to go faster. If you could sell just one more cruise booking per agent per month, it would pay for your initial tech investment.

You will never scale your business without good technical foundations, so see this as investment in your business and never a pure cost.

Also consider the benefits for your workers, too. People in companies with technology that supports them at work are 230 per cent more engaged and 85 per cent more likely to stay for longer than three years.

As we look to attract a new and younger generation into the industry, we need to embrace new technologies and modernise systems.

Digital workplaces and online collaboration support can increase productivity by as much as 30 per cent.

Perhaps now is a good time to audit systems and review how you are going to embrace technology for 2024. Spending time on executing a digital transformation plan is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

*Stats provided by research from McKinsey and Deloitte.

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