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Sustainability ‘now a priority’ for holidaymakers, says ABTA research

ABTA Travel Convention sustainability

Sustainability is key for the travel industry and is also front of mind for holidaymakers when it comes to planning their next trip. Kaye Holland reports.

That’s the finding from a new survey carried out by ABTA between August 16-30, which revealed that 54 per cent of respondents believe the travel industry should operate in a greener way than it did before the pandemic.

A total of forty-three per cent of those polled said they are more likely to see it as the travel company’s responsibility to make their holidays sustainable, rather than themselves.

That said, 40 per cent would like advice from their travel company about how they can make better choices, and 41 per cent of people said that they would choose a travel company due to its sustainability record.

Many travellers also want their holidays to have a positive impact on the destination they visit, with 63 per cent of people agreeing that travel companies should ensure that their holidays help the local people and economy.

To this end, ABTA and Deloitte have launched a new Climate Action Guidebook, outlining how travel leaders and businesses can work together on decarbonisation.

Decarbonisation ‘essential’ for travel industry

ABTA senior sustainability manager Carol Rose said: “Climate change is a global threat. The impact of a warming planet is plain to see.

“Just this summer we’ve seen the UK – along with many other places – reach record temperatures, as well as wildfires and floods.

“For our sector, decarbonisation isn’t easy but it is essential. Progress has been made across the travel industry to reduce emissions, but there is still a long way to go and this guidebook will help businesses to chart that course.”

The guidebook provides an insight on current carbon reporting and reduction targets required as part of reaching the UK’s net-zero targets, information on climate-related risks and how to manage them, guidance on how businesses can measure their carbon footprint,  and ways to approach a net-zero commitment.

Launched at the ABTA Travel Convention in Marrakech, the Climate Action Guidebook follows on from ABTA’s Tourism for Good report, and is aimed at every travel business and sector – including cruise.

Deloitte lead partner for travel and aviation Alistair Pritchard added: “Consumers and businesses alike are looking at the ways in which they can adapt travel behaviours in order to be more sustainable and, for the travel industry, this is particularly challenging given the nature of the broader travel ecosystem.

“Every step towards decarbonising is a positive move, and we hope that the practical actions set out in the guidebook serve to navigate businesses on their carbon-reduction journey.”

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