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How to win: 8 ways to write a winning Wave Awards entry

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photo_camera Saxophonist YolanDa Brown wowing last year's Wave Awards guests

Are you eager to celebrate your team’s achievements at the Wave Awards this November? Read on as we share a few handy tips and tricks to help you nail your awards entry

The Wave Awards is back, and while you wouldn’t expect us to say any different, it genuinely will be bigger and better than ever. That’s because the ceremony will be celebrating its 10th anniversary when it returns to The Dorchester on 11 November, with brand-new categories and plenty of surprises ensuring it’ll be a night to remember.

However, before you step on stage to receive that much-coveted Wave Awards gong, you have a winning entry to write. While leaving it to the last minute isn’t going to do you any favours – not least because it means missing out on our exclusive Early Bird Discount – writing your entry needn’t be a laborious, time-consuming endeavour, either.

Here, we’ve gathered some simple tips and tricks to help you write a concise and passionate entry that’ll wow our judges. Deadline for entries is Friday 31 May; Early Bird discount ends Monday 29 April. Note that only payment is needed before the April deadline, entries can be completed up until 31 May.

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  1. Stand out from the crowd

This goes without saying, but any entry that can jump off the page and demonstrate why your team deserves to be celebrated in an engaging, compelling way has a fast track to our judges’ attention.

Doing so also gives you the opportunity to showcase your company’s personality to the panel. Write your entry in the first person, include a picture of you and the team or provide a short, snappy summary at the end that encapsulates why you are the worthy winners of this award.

  1. Read the entry criteria carefully

With 31 categories available to enter, including four brand-new ones, there’s bound to be at least a few that have caught your eye. However, you don’t want to waste time and effort writing a great entry for a particular category only to realise there’s another more suitable one further down the list.

For example, if you’re entering on behalf of an ocean cruise liner and want to celebrate the incredible family-friendly features of your vessels, there’s an awards entry specifically for that purpose (Best Family Cruise Line, in case you were wondering). So read the criteria carefully and make sure your copy addresses each of the key points.

  1. Be specific (and measurable)

There’s nothing more important in a successful award entry than showing evidence of your achievements. Judges want to see how your cruise line, agency or industry supplier achieved tangible and measurable results and they’d like the data to back it up.

Did an ingenious innovation to your food and drink offering lead to more bookings? Great! How many bookings did it inspire? Did hiring a team of river cruise experts help you sell more sailings on the Rhine? Wonderful! How many holidays did you sell? You get the picture.

  1. Get help from the team

Decide early on who in your company has access to the data for your entry and sound them out immediately. They may need time to pull the relevant stats together.

It’s also a good idea to enlist the best writer in your team to help you craft your entry or at the very least ask them to proofread it before submitting. Waffle, marketing jargon and (shudder)spelling and grammar mistakes are all major turn-offs.

  1. Tell a story

Your passion is your best weapon. Don’t be afraid to use it. Refrain from using direct answers and try, where possible, to weave a narrative that will warm the judges to you and your company.

You could celebrate the achievement of an individual in your team by telling us about the incredible growth journey they’ve been on over the last 12-18 months, or share how an innovation to your guest offering was inspired by your desire to be more sustainable. This is where having a team member with a passion for writing can come in handy.

  1. Back up your entry with amazing visuals

Our awards entry platform allows all entrants to upload two image files and share two video links, so it would a shame to let them go to waste. As inspiring and emotive as your copy may be, sometimes an eye-catching image or spectacular video clip can say it better.

  1. Get internal feedback

Before you click ‘submit’, try and get your entry in front of as many relevant stakeholders as possible and get their feedback. They may be able to suggest key points you’ve overlooked or spot factual errors in your data that could trip you up on judging day.

  1. Don’t forget to nominate your Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Champion

Last but not least, this year we’ve given every entrant the opportunity to nominate someone from the cruise industry as this year’s DEI champion.

The award recognises someone who has gone above and beyond in championing a diversity, equitable and inclusive cruise industry, whether it be through implementing enhanced recruitment programmes, driving fundamental change within an organisation or spreading the message of DEI among the industry and wider travel sector.

Know someone who fits the bill? This is your chance to celebrate their DEI superpowers in front of all their peers.

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