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Cruise Trade News November 2022 Digital Edition

Cruise Trade News November 2022

The future is always uncertain. Plans do not always play out as intended and unforeseen obstacles must be overcome.

However, while this is as true in the cruise sector as it is in any other walk of life, the cruise business has rarely stood still, even if the final destination looks somewhat different to that which was envisaged.

Such an analogy could be used for sustainability. Incremental steps forward in cutting plastic use and other successes in dealing with the low-hanging fruit have proven, well, fruitful. When it comes to the big, bold steps, there have been plenty of solutions thrown into the ring – LNG (now in use, or in the pipeline for a number of ships), hydrogen, hybrid powered ships, batteries and more. Sitting here, writing this letter, it is uncertain which will become the dominant form of energy in the coming years.

Now, into this mix add wind power. Wind propulsion – once confined to sailing ships – could soon be used on large vessels, as we discover in this issue’s CTN investigates. The likes of Poignant and the shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique are pushing ahead with projects to , quite literally, introduce the next winds of change in cruise.

In this issue, we also speak to Chris Hackney about Marella Cruises’ new ship, Marella Voyager, launching next summer.

Our focus for the ship review is Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Prima, which is full of eye-catching and adrenaline-pumping activities, while PT & Travelmarvel head of sales and business development Brad Bennetts looks ahead to the operator’s return to the Mekong.

Until next time.

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