Tony Andrews Cruise Specialist advises of cruise price increase 2022

Cruise specialist sounds warning over 2022 price increases

Cruise specialist has warned of a 2022 increase in cruise prices due to a range of economic factors.

The agency’s deputy managing director Tony Andrews projected the possibility of a price increase for both domestic and international sailings.

This is a result of the UK emerging from the pandemic as demand for cruises increases, meaning that lines will not need to discount cruises as much as they have previously, the agency said.

Andrews added, however, that incentives are being offered by a range of lines in order to keep costs down.

Andrews said: “With travel continuing to open up, more and more of us are really looking forward to our next cruise.

“Unfortunately, would-be holidaymakers should be aware that some prices on 2022 getaways, in cruise and across all of travel, are likely to be higher.

“There are so many variables that could push prices up, some of which feel almost inevitable, such as food and insurance hikes, and others which may be announced at short notice, such as fuel rises.

“To help make guests’ money go further, we’re pleased to see cruise lines are offering a range of incentives right now including discounted deposits, free flights and transfers, on-board drinks packages and free cabin upgrades.”

Andrews urged clients to book early, adding: “We’re really stressing the need to book early. If you know where you want to go next year, paying a deposit now will mean you can take advantage of the current fare.

“And if you’re looking to extend your holiday with a stay on land before or after your cruise, consider a cruise and tour package.

“Booking everything at once – including flights, transfers, hotel stays and guided tours – is often better value than buying all the elements individually.

“By being savvy and planning next year’s break now, you may well save yourself a tidy sum.”

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